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ExpressionEngine updates to 1.6 27Jun07

Just when you think EE couldn’t get any better, Ellislab releases ExpressionEngine 1.6. And during my vacation I might add, so I had some catching up to do, which is fine laugh.

Cool new features off course such as the Multiple Sites Manager and the integrated Pages module, you can read about those here.

The Multiple Sites Manager is a super addition to EE, can’t wait to use it on a new project. The Pages module I have to check out soon to implement it in this site. Using Mark’s version on a site recently has proven to be an excellent experience, although it is a little hard to understand it at first (this article helps). I hope the new module is as good as Mark’s, or is it the exact same module as Mark’s? I dunno…

There is still a bug in EE 1.6, which was also in 1.5.2. Paul fixed a security issue a couple of weeks ago but that update is not working well for me, I cannot upload pictures since. I get a message stating my uploaded file has invalid content for it’s MIME type. I fixed the problem in 1.5.2 by putting back the old core.upload.php file but now that we have 1.6 I want to resolve the issue.

Let’s see what the forums say about this problem…