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ExpressionEngine Neutral Theme 1Jun07

Ever since I started tweaking the backend look of the ExpressionEngine system I am running to power this weblog, I wanted to build another Control Panel theme which was much more toned down and more neutral. Hence this weblog entry title. At the moment I am still building the theme but soon I will release an ExpressionEngine Control Panel theme called ‘Neutral’. It will have a look and feel like something you see here bellow. Lots of grey, black, white and a touch of neutral color here and there.

ExpressionEngine Neutral Theme

I have a feeling many ExpressionEngine users will use such a theme when they install ExpressionEngine for a client. The more the client can focus on using the system itself and the less distracted they get using an already complex (in their eyes probably) Content management system, the better.

Not that the default ExpressionEngine theme is to much of a distraction, on the contrary, it is a trade mark look or familiar look seeing the purple color scheme when you log into an ExpressionEngine system. But purple can be a too specific color scheme to people.

That is why I thought it to be a good idea to build an impartial, unbiased or unprejudiced (if you will) Control Panel theme. Not sure when I can complete it (vacation coming up), but when I do I will make it available here as free download so anyone working with ExpressionEngine can put it to use. Feel free to tell me if my thoughts are on the right track or that I am completely out of whack!

Custom ExpressionEngine Tomato Theme

At the moment I myself am running a tweaked CP theme, called Tomato (which is the theme of this weblog) see above. Maybe I can throw that on the web as a download too, don’t know yet. It would need a lot of cleaning up before making it available for public download because it was build only for personal use. We will see what happens yuck.