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Using Video chat and Audio chat with iChat AV (AudioVideo) 24Jun03

When trying to use the public beta software iChat AV there are some pitfalls you must overcome (at least I overcame some problems when I tried to do the following). When you want to use the audio and video chat features in iChat AV.

I was made aware that there is an Applecare document which explains what ports need to be opened in order to use iChat AV Audio and Video chat.

The document is here. It’s called:
iChat AV (Public Beta): Ports That Need to Be Open Behind Firewalls.
But it also works when people open these ports without having a firewall up. Here are the instructions on adding the ports iChat uses.

1. Open System Preferences.
2. Click on Sharing
3. Click on Firewall
4. Click on the ‘New’ button
5. In the pulldown menu choose ‘Different’
6. Fill in the portnumber for enabling Audio Chat: 5060
7. Fill in the name of this added port number (you can write whatever you want here). I used the following:
iChat AV Audio (Public Beta)
8. Click OK
9. Repeat steps 4 trough 8 but replace step 6 and 7 for the following:
- Fill in the portnumbers for enabling Video Chat: 16384-16403
- iChat AV Video (Public Beta)

Try to Restart iChat AV or your Mac.
Then try to use the new features in iChat AV.
Remember this is beta software and no guarantees that this works, it worked for me.
Good luck.

Still having trouble, try reading the Apple Discussion webpages:
For iChat & iSight.
If you have something to contribute use the ‘reageer’ button to post a response.
‘Reageer’ means ‘react’ in Dutch.

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