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Tropical indoor dive center 25Jan07

There are advanced plans to build a tropical indoor dive centre in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. This could become the deepest artificial dive center in the world.

Artist rendition of the Tropical indoor dive center

Two Dutch initiators are conducting talks with Dutch city officials concerning their plans. Which is to build a 35 (maybe 40) meters deep subtropical water basin containing 24 million liters of water and 30,000 subtropical fish. The costs for the complex are estimated around 21 million euros. The plan also includes the realization of an adjacent hotel with 100 rooms. Opening is planned for 2009.

Sounds to me like an unbelievable plan but albeit a fantastic opportunity for people who love diving and do not have the luxury of living near tropical dive sites. This would be a good idea to pick up my diving skills; these indoor facilities are great for practice. The same with indoor skiing (we seem to get a lot of indoor facilities here in Holland smile) where you can brush up on some skills while enjoying the luxury of having professional facilities right near your doorstep.

via AD Den Haag

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Ekid  Right here  Netherlands  wrote 13 years, 5 months ago…

Can't wait to hop in :)
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