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terminator is back, sort of 16Jan08

Love the films, right? Well at least the first 2, the third one I can do without. With that in mind it’s now time to focus your interest on the The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This new tv show from Fox has some big shoes to fill but the first 2 episodes (here is one, here is two) do not disappoint smile. What’s the direction the writers (still on strike) are taking this new show?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

In the third Terminator movie, 2003’s Rise Of The Machines, John Connor mentions in passing that his mom has died and that heís been living off the grid. But little else is know about his life since the end of the second Terminator movie, 1991’s Judgment Day. Until now. In “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (which is set between ‘Judgment’ and ‘Machines’), we get to see how the brat from ‘T2’ became the man from ‘T3’ with a little help from his psychotically driven mom (nice casting) and a mechanically driven lady Terminator (quite a surprise, also good casting) that his future self sent back in time to protect them. You may miss Linda Hamilton and Ahh-nold, but Summer Glau is sure to make the fans happy.

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