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Switching from Blogger to EE 25Jan06

Yesterday I took some time to export my Blogger weblog entries to the new ExpressionEngine system. Turns out the export went smoother then I was expecting. A direct export from Blogger to EE is not possible, one must use a detour to get content from Blogger to EE.

There are 2 direct ways you can import stuff into EE; Movable Type content and pMachine content. I used the first way to get my content over to the new system. EE has a special page explaining how to get Blogger stuff exported to the Movable Type import format. Once exported it is a breeze to import all this into EE.

It takes so time to import all the month files one by one into EE and to delete some generated ‘minus’ symbols (——-) from those files (BBedit find and replace) but after that, everything is neatly ordered into your EE weblog. So everything you read here is now searchable in the new weblog. I only have to edit some entries to get rid of wrong characters and to categorize all entries and I am set with the weblog content. It is also a good way to test the css and html behaving well with live or actual content.

I guess importing Movable Type or pMachine content directly into EE is even more easy and more smoothly. So for everyone using those systems; go switch to ExpressionEngine, you’ll love it as much as I do…

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