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No special jerseys for centennial season 23Jan07

Next year marks the centennial season for football club Feyenoord Rotterdam (which I support of course). Celebrating 100 years of existence one would expect special home and away jerseys to be produced for the new season. Unfortunately looking at the shirts for next year, no special shirt designs were made to commemorate the 100th anniversary. I must say I find this very disappointing.

New Feyenoord away jersey 07/08

Looking at the new shirts, the new centennial logo is not present. Nor is any reference to the club’s past successes found in the shirt design. For the home jersey I would expect there to be a special retro centennial shirt with style references to past kits. Just like Arsenal did last year and like the new retro KNVB home shirts. At least put the new centennial logo on the shirt just to show you exist 100 years.

New Feyenoord away jersey 07/08

To me the new home shirts are just updated compared to the shirts for this season, the only difference is the new (or actually old) collar. Which I find nice and an improvement compared to having no collar this year. The only thing I don’t like is the gap in front of the collar. It looks like it is torn, should be closed I think (maybe because a closed collar was done before they decided to do something different with the collar).

New Feyenoord away jersey 07/08

Why Feyenoord chose to play in black on away matches next season is totally beyond me. What the red and white bands on the chest have to do with Feyenoord’s past I don’t know (but maybe I am missing something here, could be wink). If you look at this shirt really pessimistic, you could say that Feyenoord will be playing with funeral shirts next year. Wouldn’t it be better to wear something more joyful when you are celebrating 100 years of existence? I think so.

If next year was a regular season I wouldn’t have any problems at all with both shirts. They are nice enough for a regular season. But for a special occasion I would expect the home and away shirts to be rather special or retro or different than normal.

via AD Sportwereld

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Rob  Netherlands  wrote 13 years, 10 months ago…

Maar wat zou jij dan ontwerpen als jij de opdracht kreeg? Of misschien kunnen andere creatievelingen hier hun creaties delen? Zie hier mijn dappere poging: [ klik ]

Dion  Rotterdam  Europe  wrote 13 years, 10 months ago…

Nou dat lijkt er meer op. Het logo staat mooi. Ik zou het shirt meer laten lijken op dit shirt. Dat lijkt meer op het shirt wat Feyenoord droeg toen ze de Europacup I wonnen. Het lijkt erg op het nieuwe thuis shirt maar dan wat meer retro.

Rob  Netherlands  wrote 13 years, 10 months ago…

En volgens mij worden die nieuwe shirts ook steeds strakker? Volgens mij was het Louis van Gaal (of all people) die ooit zijn toekomstvisie gaf over het voetbal, waarin hij pleitte voor o.a. een monitor voor de trainers in de dugout en een voetbaltenue waaraan niet meer getrokken kan worden (? la wielrenners)...
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