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Little Safari gems 28Jun07

Working with the new Safari version (mainly on my Mac) I noticed a couple of new features not found in any other browser.

If you try to leave a comment on this weblog for instance you will notice the ‘comment’ textarea has resize handlers in the bottom right hand corner (on Mac and Windows). Nice if you need a little more space typing some big comment. The default value is the value set by the sitebuilder/css and can be expanded without breaking the layout of a webpage. It is a new standard feature I guess not something you can turn on or off.

Also I really like the new search feature. Very nice highlighting of the search words. I also noticed the form buttons are now css stylable, just like in Firefox. Standard buttons still have the OS X aqua look, but if you style a button, the button will adapt to the given style. Not sure about pulldown menu’s or radio buttons, didn’t come across any styled ones yet.

If you find any new or improved stuff please place a comment smile.

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