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ExpressionEngine moves into adulthood 2Apr07

Ever since I started using ExpressionEngine I’ve been amazed of what it can do and how flexible it is. Many people with me feel the same, ExpressionEngine is more then just a weblog tool. It is a very flexible Content Management System. It was just a matter of time before someone would start using ExpressionEngine for a bigger project instead of building just a weblog with it.

I think a milestone was reached with the launch of the Nike Soccer website. Being not the biggest website in terms of content or information compared to, for instance, BMI.com, having a Nike site running ExpressionEngine is a whole other cup of tea. Of course BMI.com is a very large and complex website driven by ExpressionEngine, BMI does not have the magnitude of a household name like Nike.

Nike Soccer

The Nike Soccer website is home for Nike’s US soccer community and features a web ‘zine full of articles and tips, photo galleries, videos and cool downloads. All the content on the website, including the content passed to the interactive Flash article map, is managed using the ever flexible ExpressionEngine. I think the design of the website is very much ‘Nike’, which is usually very modern and edgy. The graphic design details are executed to precision and flash and html are seamlessly combined. Even difficult to handle EE sections like the gallery are integrated into the overall site design.

Design combined with ExpressionEngine (for example: Flash based article mapping populated from EE data using XML) the great looking site turns out very impressive. Maybe one might even see EE be used with some projects here at AD, you never know.

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