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Day 1, Hotel Engel in southern Germany 9Jun07

The first day is usually a travel day. We will be using our own transport (2 cars) during our vacation and made the necessary preparations. Installing 2 tv screens on the front seat headrests was a golden move.

Watching her own dvd’s, Berit was very well behaved during the whole trip. A lot of 1 euro presents, which Yvonne packed in a separate bag, helped a lot too. Favourites of course are a Cinderella doll and Barbapapa night light.

Livia was a little more difficult to handle, that was expected of course. Being constrained in a child seat for a lot of hours is never pleasant. She did manage to get some sleep over the course of the day and that made her well rested for most of the time. As her attention span isn’t as evolved as Berit, it is much more difficult to distract her with a present. Now that we are settled all toys are suddenly a lot more interesting smile.

We made only 2 stops during the first day. We split the 6 hours driving time into 3 parts and took turns driving, keeping the concentration levels high. We stopped for about an hour giving the 2 kids plenty of time to stretch their legs and straiten their backs (not only the kids for that matter wink). Here you can see Berit playing at one of the stops we made.

When you’re driving on the German Autobahn one can experience a traffic jam here and there. We tried to make up for that lost time by driving between 140 and 180 Km/ph (which is about 87 mph and 112 mph). We arrived around dinner time at Grafenhausen (which is situated in the south west part of Germany, just before the Swiss border).

The Hotel was only a minute away from the Autobahn and having a gas station across the street was very convenient. Hotel Engel maybe doesn’t look like much looking at their website but looks can be deceiving. As we were pleasantly surprised at how big the rooms turned out. Being there just one night (and one night again 2 weeks later) it really doesn’t matter but a good and pleasant start of the vacation is always helpful.

Weather was excellent during the whole day so we had dinner outside in the hotel restaurant. Of course Yvonnen ordered Wiener Schnitzel with fries. Which is custom I guess when staying in the south of Germany or Austria (at least for Yvonne) because they don’t make those good crispy Schnitzels here in the Netherlands.

All in all, a very good day to start our vacation.

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Marco  Bremen  Germany  wrote 12 years ago…

Hi, I hope you have enjoyed the time here in Germany on our Autobahn - smile. Enjoy the time in Europe and GOD bless you. Marco
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