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Vacation weekend at Plopsaland 10Aug08

Now that Livia is old enough (barely) to understand where we take her while on vacation, we decided to spent a long weekend at Plopsaland de Panne in Belgium.

Along with Grandma and Grandpa we drove to the coastal town of de Panne in southern Belgium. There you can take the tram (4 stops or so) to the park while staying at a nice hotel right along the beach in de Panne. The hotel we stayed at was Hotel Ambassador, it is close to the beach (2 minute walk) and the tram-stop is just a 3 minute walk. Kids love the tram, so did Berit and Livia.

The Plopsaland theme is of course well known to children in the Netherlands due to the many characters appearing on tv and in theaters and Berit and Livia are no exception. Favorites are Kabouter Plop, Piet Piraat, K3 and Mega Mindy.

The park is especially suitable for children between 2 and 6 as almost all of the rides are accessible for kids in that age group. Added bonus while visiting the park are the many appearances of the ‘real’ characters you see on tv etc. You can see 2 of them in a video I took of Berit and Livia, plus 5 others from our park visit.

Vacation is over 25Jun07

We are back home. Enjoyed Italy very much. I thought I could post every day or 2 how we were doing, that was a little harder then I thought it was going to be. No internet for 2 weeks is relaxing I must say. Getting back to normal everyday life isn’t wink.

One more day of vacation and then it is back to work. Posting will resume as regular and I’ll be uploading photos all in the coming days. Lots of catching up to do what internet news is concerned. Enough to blog about I guess.

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Day 1, Hotel Engel in southern Germany 9Jun07

The first day is usually a travel day. We will be using our own transport (2 cars) during our vacation and made the necessary preparations. Installing 2 tv screens on the front seat headrests was a golden move.

Watching her own dvd’s, Berit was very well behaved during the whole trip. A lot of 1 euro presents, which Yvonne packed in a separate bag, helped a lot too. Favourites of course are a Cinderella doll and Barbapapa night light.

Livia was a little more difficult to handle, that was expected of course. Being constrained in a child seat for a lot of hours is never pleasant. She did manage to get some sleep over the course of the day and that made her well rested for most of the time. As her attention span isn’t as evolved as Berit, it is much more difficult to distract her with a present. Now that we are settled all toys are suddenly a lot more interesting smile.

Less then a week to go 2Jun07

I am so very much looking forward going on vacation laugh. The kids are big enough now to undergo a much longer road trip then the trips we took in previous years. So we are taking them on their first big long vacation in their lifetime.


This will also be our first big vacation since we had kids. In prior years we took mostly Berit on 1 week or shorter breaks, which were very enjoyable but did not compare to the holiday lengths we took when Yvonne and I didn’t have kids. Anyway enough complaining, less then a week to go and so very much to do wink. Unbelievable how much preperation goes into the planning of a car trip to Italy with two toddlers.

In de planning… 26Apr04

Om namens old blue eyes te spreken…

I Love NY

Heeft iemand nog leuke tips over New York? Niet allemaal tegelijk wink

Mijn lijstje met mogelijke to do’s die ik in elkaar aan het draaien ben:

Broadway Show kaartjes
Madison Square Garden evenement Madonna misschien??
Central Park bezoek
Empire State Building nu de twins weg zijn.
Rockefellar Center, skating or shopping
Boottochtje op de Hudson
Vliegdekschip Intrepid nu een museum
Bezoekje aan de MOMA
Times Square by day and night
De wijk Soho Apple Store no. 1
FAO Schwartz hele grote speelgoed zaak

Arty Farty Hotel 7Apr04

Waar ga jij heen op valantie dit jaar? Mocht je naar Berlijn gaan, bezoek dan het Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel, want de kamers zijn heel bijzonder…


Weer terug 2Apr04

Wel lekker zo’n midweekje center parcs. Midden in de natuur, recht tegen over de Market Dome, geen computer. Heerlijk smile

Waar ben jij geweest op vakantie? 24Mar04

Michiel heeft een leuke site ontdekt waar je kan invullen in welke landen je op vakantie bent geweest.

Vakantie Landen

Hier ben ik allemaal geweest. Wat is er nog teveel om te bezoeken. De oorlogs landen niet meegerekend, en dat zijn er nogal wat frown. Wil je ook een kaart maken kan je bij World 66 terecht.

Auw, kut. Iets te hard 19Dec03

Laatste afvaart, diepe bocht in een stuk zwart. Iets te te hard aangezet om vervolgens over het zwaartekracht punt heen te vliegen. Boem, schuif, auw. Knie verdraait, nu zit er een groot ei op. Leuk hè die groen/oranje/zwarte monsters. Oh nee ik ging zelf een beetje te hard lol. Lachen een dikke knie in de auto op de weg naar huis.

Atomic Supercross SX:11 19Dec03

Weleens die fel groene Atomic ski monsters op de piste of in een boekje gezien? Vandaag zaten ze aan mijn nieuwe schoenen. Joost en ik wilde de laatste ski dag nieuw materiaal uitproberen, dus hebben we twee paar nieuwe ski’s gehuurd. Lucky us, de verhuur had de modellen niet meer staan dus waren ze vers uit het winkelrek voorzien van bindingen. Wat een monsters, niet normaal wat een grip en snelheid hebben deze zeer stijve allround skiercrossers. Ik ga direct sparen voor een nieuw paar.