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terminator is back, sort of 16Jan08

Love the films, right? Well at least the first 2, the third one I can do without. With that in mind it’s now time to focus your interest on the The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This new tv show from Fox has some big shoes to fill but the first 2 episodes (here is one, here is two) do not disappoint smile. What’s the direction the writers (still on strike) are taking this new show?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

In the third Terminator movie, 2003’s Rise Of The Machines, John Connor mentions in passing that his mom has died and that heís been living off the grid. But little else is know about his life since the end of the second Terminator movie, 1991’s Judgment Day. Until now. In “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (which is set between ‘Judgment’ and ‘Machines’), we get to see how the brat from ‘T2’ became the man from ‘T3’ with a little help from his psychotically driven mom (nice casting) and a mechanically driven lady Terminator (quite a surprise, also good casting) that his future self sent back in time to protect them. You may miss Linda Hamilton and Ahh-nold, but Summer Glau is sure to make the fans happy.

TV season officialy started 19Sep07

In the Netherlands the TV season usually starts around the beginning of September, the problem is, I don’t watch a lot of Dutch TV anymore. All the interesting shows air much later here compared to air dates in the US.

Thank to the wonder called internet TV season for me starts when the good shows become available online. This week marks the beginning of Prison Break season 3, I loved the first two seasons and I am very much looking forward to this new season. Although after watching the first episode I felt a little uncomfortable. I am mean how many times can one actually get locked up in a prison and follow a plot line which is convincing for a watching audience? I understand fans wanted the ‘prison break’ part back after season 2 (which was missing in the second season), which seems exactly what the producers of the show have done with season 3. We will see where it goes from here.

Other notable new show about to air in the US are: America’s Next Top Model season 9, Dancing with the Stars season 5, Heroes season 2, CSI Miami season 6. And these are just the shows that air on Mondays!

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Traveler 23Aug07

This is not going to be one of those raving reviews of a tv show where after 4 weeks the show gets cancelled and the viewers get stuck with nothing. At least this show already has 6 shows under the belt and I don’t think it will get cancelled, like ‘Drive’ did.

Traveler is a hot new TV Show from ABC, if you are a fan of Prison Break, you will like this one too. The plot goes something like this: Two graduate students are framed for a terrorist attack in New York (by a third student, the roommate they believed was their friend) and must fight to prove their innocence while fleeing the federal agents who pursue them.

The first episode had so much suspense, it kept me glued to my chair. After three episodes I had a ‘24’ feeling. You know, where the episode ends and you go crazy because you want to see all remaining episodes immediately (although lately I kind of lost that feeling with 24).

The reason I like it so much is because it is believable, the action is fast and it has a thriller feel to it. Although I must admit thinking how can this show survive more then two or three seasons. Just like with prison break you can only run for so long.

Suspenseful and adrenaline filled, I will be certain to watch this entire first season. Maybe a show primed to make a really successful summer run.

Remember I told you about ‘Drive’? It looks like the 2 remaining episodes are going to be broadcasted, according to this article...

update …

Looks like Veronica is going to air Traveler starting september 3rd. So far only 8 episodes were made. The show isn’t offically cancelled; it just hasn’t been renewed. Which really isn’t fair since the show was hardly promoted and given a terrible time slot on ABC. If you want to try to save Traveler there is a petition at this website. Still worth watching, I say!

Drive 19Apr07

Besides 24 there is another show on Fox which is quite interesting to watch. This cool show is called DRIVE and is brand new.

The show has a unique concept, not your usual CSI / 24 / Prison Break show. The next time youíre cut off by crazed drivers on your way to work, give them a little slack. They could be racing for their lives in an illegal, underground cross-country road race.

I watched the first 3 episodes and found it well worth watching. Obviously the show can already be found online so if you have nothing to do this coming weekend ... wink.

update …

Anybody who is already addicted to this show can book himself a trip to a rehab centre. Fox has impounded Drive, steering the show off the network highway after four episodes frown.

A gift from Joost, 3 invitations 18Apr07

The Joost beta program has been running for a short period of time and my first impressions of it are quite positive. Installation is a breeze (mac software only available on Intel-based macs). The very first thing you’re required to do when you start the application is to create an account. Your email address doesn’t need to be verified. You can dive into the experience of full screen TV on your Mac or PC streaming from the internet.

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Being a beta tester, Joost gave me 3 invitations so I can invite my friends to watch my favorite program with me. If you want a Joost account, just leave a comment. The first three people to place a comment will receive the invite. Enjoy the ride!

What is Joost? Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet, for free!

update …

All 3 invites were sent out, enjoy guys smile. More giveaways to come when I receive new invites!

First look at 24 season 6 7Jan07

January 2007 is a good month for all 24 fans. This month sees the 4 hour season 6 premiere being broadcast on Sunday January 14th and Monday January 15th. However, rabbit fans have already begun spreading the first 4 episodes all over the net. How is this possible you ask?

First look at 24 season 6

The official statement from fox: FOX will release a “Season 6 Premiere” DVD on January 16 in the United States and Canada. The DVD will include all 4 opening episodes and a twelve minute preview to the fifth episode. The trouble is someone leaked this DVD a little bit to soon and all 4 episodes can be downloaded for your immediate watching pleasure smile. What’s new? Chloe O’Brian has brown hair, Wayne Palmer is president, Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes are a couple (see photo). The rest you have to watch for yourselves.

24 17Jan06

Oh my… Adrenaline is pumping… Cant talk to busy watching.

Rockstar: INXS show ends 23Sep05

I don’t know if you watched Rockstar: INXS as religiously as I did, but they’ve finally selected their new lead singer, J.D. Fortune, and plan to release the resulting album in November. All along, the songs the contestants performed each week have been available for exclusive purchase via MSN’s music service (in fact, the entire show was sponsored by MSN, BLAH). I wondered if the resulting INXS album would make its way to iTunes, or if the MSN deal only pertained to the show, and not the band. It looks like the latter was true.

The INXS single Pretty Vegas will be made available as an iTunes exclusive on October 4th. The new song was co-written by Fortune and INXS founding member Andrew Farriss.

Pretty Vegas

24, Season 5 next year 27Aug05

Sean Astin, the former Lord of the Rings hobbit, will again find himself in a situation where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Astin will join the cast of Fox’s 24, the network announced Friday. Who the 34-year-old actor will be playing is not yet known. 24 Season 5 will have a four-hour, two night season premiere on January 8 and 9 2006.

New Memories 25Aug05

If you like the KRO tv show Memories with Anita Witzier, you should check out a new banner I made. Exciting news right? LOL, a little more serious will be the website launch of a new tv show called ‘Keyzer & de Boer’ which will air this October. Daphne Bunskoek (of RTL Boulevard) and Daan Schuurmans star in it. I saw two episodes, it’s kinda like ‘The Practise’ Dutch style. Dutch produced so a little less hollywood but it made me laugh at some scenes, so I guess that’s good.