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Getting Joey the cat better 9Feb11

Last week I had a serious case of the flu and was out for about a week. At the same time one of our cats, Joey, our male 10 year old British shorthair cat began to behave differently. We noticed he wasn’t his usual self and we could tell something was wrong.

Yvonne took him to the vet for a checkup. Turned out he had 40°C / 104°F fever so the vet gave him some antibiotics and a painkiller and told us to come back 3 days later, to take some X-rays, if his condition didn’t get better.

update …

I will write more later ... too tired now.

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Prelude to EECI 2010 EU 28Sep10

It’s been over a year since I last visited Leiden for the first ever ExpressionEngine conference and I am very much looking forward to attending again. Seeing al the familiar faces and friends again is having an invigorating effect on me. Of course attending a well organized conference coordinated by the gracious and friendly team of Whoooz! helps too!

Leslie Camacho and Leevi Graham

Hopefully we will have the same experience last year. Reminiscing about last year’s conference I remember the ‘Scheltema complex’ venue being a very intimate and cosy place to accommodate us Designers, Coders and Geeks!

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I really HAVE an iPad 6Apr10

Have not touched, seen or experienced one but I really want an iPad.

It is amazing to have an iPad. Especially for the kids.

This is how I see digital magazines / media will look like on the iPad in the near future (they already do apparently).

Spyker Formula 1 Magazine 2007

This is all flash but ‘imagine’ this being triggered on the iPad with your finger. There’re supposed to be video in there too but they don’t seem to be enabled due to the magazine being offline.

ExpressionEngine 2.0 control panel theme 28Oct09

Inspired by recent exciting developments regarding the new version of ExpressionEngine, or in short EE 2.0, I decided to make the wait a little less tedious. I made an ExpressionEngine control panel theme which resembles the new look of the EE 2.0 control panel for, as I would like to call it, classic ExpressionEngine.

ExpressionEngine 2.0 control panel theme

The development of EE 2.0 has been going on for over a year and people are very anxious to start using the new version. I am one of those people, and had an idea: Maybe it would be good to get people familiar with the new look, colors and design of the new control panel so the transition would go easy and quick. So I decided to help out the EE community in a way I know how, using css and images to make a control panel theme (I am not a plugin developer, just a front-end designer). Another reason to publish this theme is not all people will or can switch to the new version of ExpressionEngine right away. Simulating the classic ExpressionEngine control panel can give people at least some sense of an EE 2.0 feel until they are able to transition to the real thing.

How did you go about and recreate the new EE 2.0 feel if there isn’t even a public beta available?

Although members of the developer preview program were given access to a working version of EE named Kaylee, there have indeed not been any public releases other then developer screenshots or video’s of the control panel. Looking at what is available I started to dissect every pixel I could find of EE 2.0.

There were 3 places I used to render all the information from I needed in order to make a realistic theme. First there was the SXSW 2008 EE 2.0 sneak preview video by Derek Jones. This gives the most realistic view of what the backend is going to look like visually. The colors in this video are a bit over saturated due to video compression but at least I could tell where everything would be placed.

Second there was a nice blog post by Derek Allard presenting ExpressionEngine 2.0 “official” screenshots. Because the screenshots were made on a mac, these screenshots would provide me with precisely the colors I needed for most design elements.

Third, Leslie introduced us to Kaylee through a blog post on the EE official blog. This blog mostly was about SXSW 2009 but right down at the end was a little screenshot of the EE 2.0 CP in a totally different color scheme.

ExpressionEngine 2.0 control panel theme

Using xScope, Photoshop, and Coda I started to work on stylesheet files and background images needed to simulate the 2.0 look. Requirements I set for myself were; the theme should come as close as possible to the real EE 2.0 CP theme, providing it can be used in the following browsers: Firefox 2 and 3 for mac and pc, Safari 3 and 4 for mac and pc, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Chrome and Opera. Unfortunately there is no way to exactly copy the whole EE 2.0 CP look and feel for classic EE and be compatible in most browsers. For instance the nice round corners in green you see in this screenshot can be done in Firefox, but Safari and Internet Explorer cannot handle such a look the way classic EE is setup. Rounded corners (like in EE2) are now available for browsers supporting CSS3, which does not include Internet Explorer unfortunately. I found it quite challenging at times to manipulate the tables, table backgrounds and tr or td backgrounds used in EE 1.6.7.

Despite the fact that EE is fully customizable at the backend through switching styles in the control panel, there are still a lot of inline styles and generic elements present in today’s EE install which prevent a total make-over. Other problems were selected control tabs (no round corners possible) and general placement of elements (tabs align left in EE 2.0). Working around the limitations and issues I think I simulated the look and feel of the new ExpressionEngine control panel nicely, I hope you agree.


Control Panel theme: FRUIT (green, orange)
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: ExpressionEngine 1.6.7+
License: FREE - (donation possible)

Download Control Panel theme: FRUIT

Control Panel theme: KAYLEE (grey, red)
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: ExpressionEngine 1.6.7+
License: FREE - (donation possible)

Download Control Panel theme: KAYLEE

Should you experience any trouble, anomalies or irregularities using the themes please don’t hesitate to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) so I can improve the themes, thanks.


Berit has chickenpocks 22Apr09

Most of her classmates were infected and now it is Berit’s turn. She is a sad little chicken…

Berit has chickenpocks

Riding the Monkierail 26Mar09

We rode the Monkierail in RavotAapia at Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen.

This is what the fans think 16Jan09


Decorate your house with christmas lights 22Dec08


Tree dweller 22Dec08

Every year we have a tree dweller in our house. From the moment we set up the tree until the day we shelf it back up the attic, Phoebe will occupy it, climb in it and sleep beneath it…

Phoebe, our tree dweller

Sinterklaas at Berit’s school 5Dec08

Sinterklaas and several Zwarte Pieten arrive via air balloon (which has wheels!) at the Albert Plesmanschool. All schoolgroups are waiting outside the school to welcome Sinterklaas. Berit is the one, 2 rows back, with the red zwarte piet hat.