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Indiana Jones IV first trailer 14Feb08

He protected the power of the divine. He saved the cradle of civilization. He triumphed over the armies of evil. Now he’s back!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones returns this summer (may 22nd) in a new adventure that stretches from New Mexico to South America. The first full trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has debuted and it is absolutely amazing.

Transformers, first look 29Jun07

If you are my age and are of male origin, you likely grew up with the cartoon series Transformers. Remember? Robots in disguise, optimus vs megatron vs starscream, you know. In a couple of days the motion picture will premiere, which means real looking transforming giant robots…


Judging from the trailers and pictures I’ve seen these robots are massive and the transform process is supposed to be the most realistic special effect ILM has created.

I’ve been reading director Michael Bay’s weblog for some time where he posts lots of stories, pictures and footage of the film, cool stuff. Off course us geeks want more and more we can see, especially moving material. Watch a 23 minute HBO special on Transformers here (lots of footage).

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Firewall 19Jan06

Usually promotional film websites try to cram everything into an 800x600 window space. Not so with Firewall. Interesting layout, nothing special, but non the less interesting. it’s like a scrollable movie poster. Nice trailer too by the way.

Nose job 19Dec05

I was watching Jay Leno the other night and started to wonder how did the nose of Ralph Fiennes vanish when he played Lord Voldemort in the new Harry Potter movie, the Goblet of Fire. I mean this guy clearly has one big smelling organ but there most be some serious cgi or make-up trickery involved to get Ralph to look the part of Lord Voldemort. Anyway, I was just wondering how they did it…

Where did his nose go?

Did they tape his nose so tight underneath that make-up or was the whole thing digitally erased during post production?

King Kong 4Nov05

Amazing work from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. Click here to see the new film he has been working on, totally believable special effects. And the special documentaries on Kong is King are equally impressive to watch. Also notice the special iPod video content Peter Jackson provides on his trailer download page. He is always on top of things when it comes to Apple stuff smile

New Blond Bond 17Oct05

While being in Antwerp for a short weekend break I just found out that a new James Bond was cast and announced to the public last friday. Daniel Craig will play James Bond in the new film Casino Royal, to be released in 2006. I must say I am at a loss for words finding out a blond guy will play 007 instead of a more dark haired guy. Roger Moore was of course also not a blond but was more darker than Daniel.

The new James Bond

I really don’t know his work besides vagely remembering his role in Tomb Raider, so I will have to wait until the film comes out next year to judge if he is the right guy or not.

Goblet of Fire 17Aug05

I hope I can finish the book in time before the film starts it’s run in theaters. I am at the point where the new school year starts and Harry and the gang get their first lessons. Judging by this footage I can expect some cool stuff still to come. These clips actually help visualize the book more, like pairing the face of Cho with her character in the book. Is it just me or is Daniel Radcliffe maturing more and more into an young Orlando Bloom?

Saw 2 5Aug05

Saw 2, The Games Continue Halloween 2005. Sequel to the mindblowing Saw movie.

Powered by the Dark Side 22May05

Red Bull Racing heeft voor de Grand Prix van Monaco een speciale sponsor ingevlogen (far, far away zelfs).

The Dark Side

Zoals je kan zien werken de Clonetroopers hard aan de met Revenge of the Sith stickers beplakte auto van David Coulthard. Darth Vader speelde de lolipop-man en o.a. George Lucas was als speciale gast aanwezig. Meer foto’s van de speciale Red Bull Racing Star Wars Party hier.

The Da Vinci Code teaser trailer 19May05

Is er nog ander film nieuws? Jazeker, een film waar veel mensen met smart op zitten te wachten: The Da Vinci Code teaser trailer is zojuist online gezet. Beetje lullig want er zitten geen filmbeelden in, only CG. Nog een jaar wachten op de film…