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Weblog of Dion Kesling. Designer in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Dion's Weblog 3.0

Bokito t-shirt design 25May07

In light of recent events at the Zoo here in Rotterdam where a silverback gorilla named Bokito escaped his habitat, I thought it would be fun to make a t-shirt.

I’ve been wanting to make a grunge like t-shirt design for a while now. After joking about the gorilla escape a lot at work I got to work and you can see the result bellow. Click for a larger image.

Bokito t-shirt

Visitekaartjes 6Apr06

Zo, dat is klaar. Nu nog de website…

Nieuwe visitekaartjes

De kaartjes heb ik laten drukken bij Print Carrier. Zo’n online drukservice waar je de deur niet voor uit hoeft. Mijn bestelling was voor 1000 stuks, eenzijdig gedrukt op 300 grams mat papier met druklak. De prijs inclusief verzenden is 53 euro. Dit was het proberen waard, de service vind ik uitstekend. Pdf-je opsturen, wachten tot het gedrukt is en de zending wordt opgestuurd. De prijs/kwaliteits verhouding van de kaartjes is zeer netjes, en de kaartjes zelf zijn heel goed.

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Tracing Shadows 15Dec05

During daylight, the outlines did not make much sense. Shopkeepers and bar owners had little information. Deliverymen muttered to themselves as they moved their outlined bicycles indoors. Parents were just as confused as their young children.

Quark has a new logo 13Sep05

Speak Up writes about the new Quark logo. With a new identity, unveiled last week, Quark hopes to, well, not suck so much…. Quark is not stealing anyone’s logo – despite claims on forums like The Designers Network – they are simply putting intention behind a geometric shape.

If you ask me Quark still sucks and they are stealing someone else’s logo. I do like the logo though wink.

Photoshop About boxes 17Aug05

A gallery of Photoshop about boxes, from version 0.07 in 1988 through this year’s version 9.0 (a.k.a. CS2). Via DF

Good product + better packaging = improved sales 28Jul05

Madhouse Munchies generated $500.000 a year selling chips. The president realized the packaging wasn’t attractive or informative enough. Madhouse Munchies hires R.BIRD (a New York City design firm) to redesign their packaging.

In six months, with no new advertising, Madhouse was selling about 50 more bags of chips a month in every store. By year’s end its chips were in 1.000 new retail locations, and today, with the new packaging, the company is adding more than 100 new retailers a quarter and bringing in revenues of $10.000.000 a year.

Read all about it in an article entitled New Shelf Life at Fortune.com (here are the images referenced in the article).

The aero wheel from Armstrong’s bike 17Jul05

The Tour de France blog posts about how Nike hired graffiti legend Futura (that’s a person, not the font) to design the symbols that adorn the wheel Lance Armstrong used in Stage 1 of the Tour de France.

Changing identity 9Jul05

As I am slowly migrating this godforsaken Blogger tool for a more sophisticated cms let me quickly introduce you to my new logo. Which will be replacing my old one (the running man) for a more balanced and logical icon.

New logo

The running man logo was something randomly chosen because I thought it was different and had nothing to do with the name that goes with it, which is totally not me.
I like to have balance and a deeper thought going into a logo and this new one does have that. It’s kinda like an ambigram, only an ambigram is a word.  It is written in such a way that it is legible both rightside-up and upside-down (hence the balance). If twisted you can identify 2 D’s and the NU of ‘dot nu’ representing the accompanying name. Typograhy is more or less the same as it is now, I still like the typeface.

I will reveal more (like a color version of the logo etc.) in coming postings, and will be working on the new website (and 3 other projects for that matter, lol).

Designers Toolbox 19Feb05

Designers Toolbox is erg handig voor de pixelneuker, alles netjes bij elkaar op een website. Zo iets heb ik via een flink aantal bookmarks bij elkaar geharkt, je kan het natuurlijk ook op 1 website zetten.

It’s an…. ja wat is het voor gebouw? 19May04

Waanzinnig architectonisch hoogstandje van Nederlandse bodem. De nieuwe Seattle public library ontworpen door Rem Koolhaas. Nog wat QTVR’s van het interieur.

Seattle's new library