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Berit has chickenpocks 22Apr09

Most of her classmates were infected and now it is Berit’s turn. She is a sad little chicken…

Berit has chickenpocks

Sinterklaas at Berit’s school 5Dec08

Sinterklaas and several Zwarte Pieten arrive via air balloon (which has wheels!) at the Albert Plesmanschool. All schoolgroups are waiting outside the school to welcome Sinterklaas. Berit is the one, 2 rows back, with the red zwarte piet hat.

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Rommelpiet at Berit’s school 28Nov08

Chaos at Berit’s school today.

Rommelpieten trashed the classroom and hid all the shoes of the children, of course containing presents (Chocolate sinterklaas). They have to clean up the classroom in order to find their shoes. I stepped outside into the hallway to film this, as inside it resembled a busy ant farm.

Happy 4th birthday, Berit 16Feb08

Berit turns 4 years old today.

Happy 4th birthday, Berit

At the petting zoo 28Jan08

Took Berit and Livia to the petting zoo today. Good weather, not busy thus very relaxing. Livia usually takes about an half hour to not be scared of the animals, then she dares walking among peacocks who are almost her size. Berit hits the play area almost right away, until she gets the urge to feed some animals.

Attic performance 19Jan08

Livia is now a year and a half old and she is trying to talk quite a bit. I tried to record some of her and Berit’s antics while playing in the attic of Grandpa Leo and Grandma Cora. Check out Statler & Waldorf sitting in the 2 chairs in the background. There are 3 video’s Video in this playlist.

Apron in the living room 14Jan08

An apron is usually worn in the kitchen but why wear it in the kitchen when you can run around with it in the living room and have your little sister and cat chasing it…

Happy New Year 31Dec07

All the best for 2008 and have a wonderful New Yearís Eve! smile Goodbye 2007, hello 2008. To ring in the new year, I have some video’s Video from the past year to share…

Berit performing Summerland 9Jul07

Last sunday Berit took her first steps on a big stage. The dance school she takes lessons from (toddler dance class), DPFC, organized their annual showing where all classes from the school get to perform and show parents and relatives what they have learned. The show this year was called ‘Ready 4 Takeoff’.

Being the smallest age group of all performers, they where coached on stage by instructor Tamara. Of course being only 3 years old one cannot expect everything to go as synchronized as professional cheerleaders but just doing the performance is enough to get everyone on their feet to cheer on the little ones. Mom and Dad are very proud wink. Berit is the girl in the blue costume, she comes into view on the left side, a third into the video.

This was filmed with my mobile phone, we were prohibited to bring any professional photo or video equipment into the theater because there was a team of professional videographers. This was the best I could do under the circumstances getting instant footage of Berit. Hopefully the 3 minute performance on the DVD is well worth it.

Happy Easter 9Apr07

Berit & Livia with easter bunny