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I really HAVE an iPad 6Apr10

Have not touched, seen or experienced one but I really want an iPad.

It is amazing to have an iPad. Especially for the kids.

This is how I see digital magazines / media will look like on the iPad in the near future (they already do apparently).

Spyker Formula 1 Magazine 2007

This is all flash but ‘imagine’ this being triggered on the iPad with your finger. There’re supposed to be video in there too but they don’t seem to be enabled due to the magazine being offline.

Little Safari gems 28Jun07

Working with the new Safari version (mainly on my Mac) I noticed a couple of new features not found in any other browser.

If you try to leave a comment on this weblog for instance you will notice the ‘comment’ textarea has resize handlers in the bottom right hand corner (on Mac and Windows). Nice if you need a little more space typing some big comment. The default value is the value set by the sitebuilder/css and can be expanded without breaking the layout of a webpage. It is a new standard feature I guess not something you can turn on or off.

Also I really like the new search feature. Very nice highlighting of the search words. I also noticed the form buttons are now css stylable, just like in Firefox. Standard buttons still have the OS X aqua look, but if you style a button, the button will adapt to the given style. Not sure about pulldown menu’s or radio buttons, didn’t come across any styled ones yet.

If you find any new or improved stuff please place a comment smile.

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Safari browser for windows 27Jun07

I am so glad to use the new Safari on my windows laptop at work. What a relieve to use familiar software and to find out it works exactly the same as on the Mac. For example, I really missed using SnapBack and auto complete url’s (works different and faster compared to IE and FF). Explanation here.

Even the whole look and feel when viewing websites is the same as on the Mac. Font smoothing is just light years better then IE or FF. IE 7 was a much welcomed improvement while Firefox is still stuck in the stone ages so it seems but Safari is, well, just a delight to your eyes when viewing websites…

Browser font smoothing

There are some problems that still have to be taken care off (Safari is still in beta). For instance I have a problem with my ibm mouse, when it is connected to the thinkpad dock Safari does not recognise the scrollwheel (it does when plugged into the laptop usb port). Dot Mac bookmark synching does not yet work. Form AutoFill still needs some medicine, etc. Which I guess are all problems that can be related to Safari being a beta version. Other then that it pretty much works as expected.

The only thing Safari lacks in comparison to Firefox are plugins. There are plugins for Safari but Firefox has so many useful plugins, especially for webdesigners. I guess it is just a matter of time before that community grows and can compete with Firefox.

Get going, see for yourself, just download Safari, it is free…

Print, cutout & assemble the iPhone 11Jan07

Ladies and gentlemen, we got ehm… Eh, sort of. Ok, it’s made from paper but if you cut it out you can get a good feel of how big (or you can say compact) the iPhone actually is.

Print, cutout & assemble the iPhone

When you work at a newspaper everybody loves gagdets, you can’t believe how many editors on the floor were actually impressed by a paper dummy. If you want to make your own iPhone or would like to compare it to existing gadgets visit iPhonecountdown. They have a PDF document available for download sporting a cutout iPhone in actual size. I am totally surprised how compact it is. It is similar in size to the Nokia N70. iPhone is a tiny bit wider and at least half as thick. I think that is totally impressive considering they have an iPod, a phone and an internet communicator in there.

Also check out AD Multimedia. We used my pictures to write an article about the iPhone countdown site. Please note the article is in Dutch.

Boot Camp afterthought 7Apr06

Hoe meer ik erover lees en hoe meer ik er over denk hoe briljanter het is. Ik kan als webdeveloper nu alle browsers testen op 1 machine, een Apple Intel machine. Apple zal de enige hardware fabrikant ter wereld zijn waarbij je een computer kan kopen die alles kan draaien OS X en XP (en meer wat dat betreft).

Ik vraag mij af hoe de Apple Centers hier in Nederland erover denken. Volgens mij moeten ze direct hele grote banners in hun etalage hangen waarin ze adverteren dat er ook windows op de mac machines gedraait kan worden, dat zal een boost in sales opleveren denk ik…

Denk maar aan de game industrie, gamers krijgen er ineens superieure hardware bij om voor te kiezen (mij interesseert het trouwens niet). Cabel laat hier zien hoe Half Life 2 op een mac met XP draait.

Boot Camp 6Apr06

Ik wil nu geen gezeur meer horen over Apple is voor grafici en Apple is alleen voor designers etc. NU, iedereen aan de Apple.

Windows Vista is een ripoff 12Feb06

Stem is van een Microsoft man die Windows Vista presenteert. De beelden zijn echter van het al een tijdje op de markt zijnde Mac OS X Tiger operating system.
Als je vista nu wilt hebben in plaats van in 2007, 8 of 9 koop je gewoon Tiger op een Intel Mac smile.

Pro or consumer 17Jan06

There is one thing I don’t understand about the 2 new intel macs. One is a desktop machine for consumer use and one is a portable machine for professional use. Why do they offer the same chip?

That leaves me wondering what Apple will be offering as a professional desktop machine and as a consumer portable. Logically the Pro machines (desktop and portable) should be on the same architectural level, so should the Consumer machines.

Because they are not at the moment, does that mean that Apple will be releasing a more powerfull portable which will be as powerfull as the yet to be released intel powermacs? Or is there going to be a consumer portable with a slower intel chip? Too confusing to me…

No xp on dual core macs 12Jan06

No XP on intel Macs but Vista might work. Good, XP is crap anyway, not that vista will be any better judging by the screenshots. But if you’re a Vista beta tester and have ordered a new iMac or MacBookPro, get those install CDs out; the rest of you will have to wait for the official Vista release.

Windows Media via QuickTime 11Jan06

Didn’t know this one, handy to get rid of that pesky WMV player. With Windows Media Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac, you can play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) directly in QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser.