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Sinterklaas buffet 4Dec08

It took me a couple of hours to make the food for our Sinterklaas party and it turned out pretty good smile. After the kids got all the presents I finished the dishes I prepared earlier and served them on our table.

Sinterklaas buffet

What you see above is chicken soup with extra curry chicken, a honey-mustard meat loaf, potato-orange-olive salad, tomato tuna tapas on sesame bread and several slices of white and brown Zuurdesem brood. It was all quite tasty and I think everyone liked the dishes.

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Rommelpiet at Berit’s school 28Nov08

Chaos at Berit’s school today.

Rommelpieten trashed the classroom and hid all the shoes of the children, of course containing presents (Chocolate sinterklaas). They have to clean up the classroom in order to find their shoes. I stepped outside into the hallway to film this, as inside it resembled a busy ant farm.

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Vacation weekend at Plopsaland 10Aug08

Now that Livia is old enough (barely) to understand where we take her while on vacation, we decided to spent a long weekend at Plopsaland de Panne in Belgium.

Along with Grandma and Grandpa we drove to the coastal town of de Panne in southern Belgium. There you can take the tram (4 stops or so) to the park while staying at a nice hotel right along the beach in de Panne. The hotel we stayed at was Hotel Ambassador, it is close to the beach (2 minute walk) and the tram-stop is just a 3 minute walk. Kids love the tram, so did Berit and Livia.

The Plopsaland theme is of course well known to children in the Netherlands due to the many characters appearing on tv and in theaters and Berit and Livia are no exception. Favorites are Kabouter Plop, Piet Piraat, K3 and Mega Mindy.

The park is especially suitable for children between 2 and 6 as almost all of the rides are accessible for kids in that age group. Added bonus while visiting the park are the many appearances of the ‘real’ characters you see on tv etc. You can see 2 of them in a video I took of Berit and Livia, plus 5 others from our park visit.

An empty ballet classroom 6Apr08

Livia is always trying to get in the classroom when Berit is having ballet lessons. We usually wait in the dressing room where she can run around freely. After class she rushes into this empty room as quickly as possible …

My first ever newspaper article 5Apr08

Chances are slim you saw the article bellow in today’s AD newspaper, but I want to mention it anyway. It is the first ever article I wrote which was published in a newspaper.

Ok, it’s not some intellectual piece about some country far away but nonetheless I think it is cool to see your name appear next to an article in a national distributed newspaper. It’s about the new Photoshop Express webapp and if you want to read it in the paper you can find it on page 21 of the Weekend section in today’s AD edition.

My first newspaper article

The online version of the article can be read here.

KISS in today’s newspaper 14Mar08

Total surprise when I read the paper at breakfast this morning. That’s what can happen when you work at a newspaper company. When you pull a little string and are enthusiastic about something it might wind up in the paper the next day smile....

KISS with Lewis Hamilton

KISS will be playing a full concert after the Australian Formula One Grand Prix race on Sunday March 16th 2008 to start their Alive 35 world tour. Which I am going to report on, on the KISS Podcast.

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Livia eats cheese twirl 17Feb08

Yesterday on Berit’s birthday I experimented with using a Panasonic HDC-SD5 Full HD videocamera. These widescreen HD camera’s are getting smaller and smaller. They are just as, or even smaller then my Sony Mini DV camera. Very lightweight also, holds no tape but uses an SD card to store video. You can put 40 minutes of full HD quality video on an 4GB SD card which I found quite surprising.

This is something I filmed while waiting on Berit and Yvonne to pick up Berit’s birthday cake. Livia is eating a cheese twirl while listening to her favourite song. I imported the video into iMovie 08 and uploaded it to YouTube.

There is not much left of the quality of the HD recording so I uploaded another version to my .Mac account. This version is HD content. 960x540 pixels and also directly exported from iMovie, which works great b.t.w. Click here for a much higher resolution video.

Happy 4th birthday, Berit 16Feb08

Berit turns 4 years old today.

Happy 4th birthday, Berit

Indiana Jones IV first trailer 14Feb08

He protected the power of the divine. He saved the cradle of civilization. He triumphed over the armies of evil. Now he’s back!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones returns this summer (may 22nd) in a new adventure that stretches from New Mexico to South America. The first full trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has debuted and it is absolutely amazing.

after the show 3Feb08

Of course, he did it!

Joran van der S

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