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My first ever newspaper article 5Apr08

Chances are slim you saw the article bellow in today’s AD newspaper, but I want to mention it anyway. It is the first ever article I wrote which was published in a newspaper.

Ok, it’s not some intellectual piece about some country far away but nonetheless I think it is cool to see your name appear next to an article in a national distributed newspaper. It’s about the new Photoshop Express webapp and if you want to read it in the paper you can find it on page 21 of the Weekend section in today’s AD edition.

My first newspaper article

The online version of the article can be read here.

KISS in today’s newspaper 14Mar08

Total surprise when I read the paper at breakfast this morning. That’s what can happen when you work at a newspaper company. When you pull a little string and are enthusiastic about something it might wind up in the paper the next day smile....

KISS with Lewis Hamilton

KISS will be playing a full concert after the Australian Formula One Grand Prix race on Sunday March 16th 2008 to start their Alive 35 world tour. Which I am going to report on, on the KISS Podcast.

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Indiana Jones IV first trailer 14Feb08

He protected the power of the divine. He saved the cradle of civilization. He triumphed over the armies of evil. Now he’s back!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones returns this summer (may 22nd) in a new adventure that stretches from New Mexico to South America. The first full trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has debuted and it is absolutely amazing.

after the show 3Feb08

Of course, he did it!

Joran van der S

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Royal Rumble 08 recap 28Jan08

Royal Rumble 2008

Royal Rumble highlights from my perspective.

Cool Michael Buffer announcing, don’t use a card dude.
That Umaga neckless is really a hazard with all those loose beads.
Shelton Benjamin; more like disposable standard!
Superfly & Piper? WTF man, that’s dumb. Thank you Kane smile
I love Hornswoggle…
Here comes the GAME!
Damn, Cena, didn’t see that one coming…
Kane gone, man how many times must Kane participate in a Rumble to win?
Show down ... cool but it looks like this Rumble will be a comeback match to get Cena on top again, the Game and the Animal are going to sacrifice themselves to help Cena back on top, since he has never won a Rumble.
Wow, Batista is out !! Cena (30) and the Game (29), is this where Triple H turns heel again??? No, guess not.
Lame, Cena back from injury and wins the Rumble, and will win his title back from Randy at Wrestlemania…
The finish was lame too, I have seen better endings then this one.

Overall a pleasant start to a year in PPV’s. I give this Rumble a 7.

the smallest remote helicopter 18Jan08

I received a little present yesterday. It’s a remote controlled helicopter. Man, although I am a father of 2 children, these toys bring out the child in you laugh.

Picoo Z - the smallest remote-controlled helicopter ever built

terminator is back, sort of 16Jan08

Love the films, right? Well at least the first 2, the third one I can do without. With that in mind it’s now time to focus your interest on the The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This new tv show from Fox has some big shoes to fill but the first 2 episodes (here is one, here is two) do not disappoint smile. What’s the direction the writers (still on strike) are taking this new show?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

In the third Terminator movie, 2003’s Rise Of The Machines, John Connor mentions in passing that his mom has died and that heís been living off the grid. But little else is know about his life since the end of the second Terminator movie, 1991’s Judgment Day. Until now. In “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (which is set between ‘Judgment’ and ‘Machines’), we get to see how the brat from ‘T2’ became the man from ‘T3’ with a little help from his psychotically driven mom (nice casting) and a mechanically driven lady Terminator (quite a surprise, also good casting) that his future self sent back in time to protect them. You may miss Linda Hamilton and Ahh-nold, but Summer Glau is sure to make the fans happy.

Google experimenting with AdSense ads 28Dec07

Google AdSense has launched a new feature overnight to it’s AdSense ad units. Now, AdSense ads display two buttons on the bottom of, for example, a Skyscraper (120x600) banner that activates a carousel like functionality to the ad. Suddenly not just 4 text links are available in the Skyscraper space but Google can place an endless amount of links in an ad where this feature is active. Look at the picture below for the new AdSense feature.

AdSense carousel buttons

When clicking on the buttons a nice animated fade in and out occurs while the new text links load. Depending on how many keywords are found on the page where the banner resides, the carousel can show several ‘screens’ with fresh text links. I came across a banner with 4 ‘screens’ showing 16 text ads. I also noticed while reloading the page that Google mixes banners with and without the carousel buttons. You might have a hard time to spot a banner with this new feature.

I am not sure when Google started with the buttons, I just noticed them today, only on Skyscraper ad units. Could be more units involved but I am not sure. This is not really a big thing but just wanted to mention it anyway.

update …

More information on this website.

TV season officialy started 19Sep07

In the Netherlands the TV season usually starts around the beginning of September, the problem is, I don’t watch a lot of Dutch TV anymore. All the interesting shows air much later here compared to air dates in the US.

Thank to the wonder called internet TV season for me starts when the good shows become available online. This week marks the beginning of Prison Break season 3, I loved the first two seasons and I am very much looking forward to this new season. Although after watching the first episode I felt a little uncomfortable. I am mean how many times can one actually get locked up in a prison and follow a plot line which is convincing for a watching audience? I understand fans wanted the ‘prison break’ part back after season 2 (which was missing in the second season), which seems exactly what the producers of the show have done with season 3. We will see where it goes from here.

Other notable new show about to air in the US are: America’s Next Top Model season 9, Dancing with the Stars season 5, Heroes season 2, CSI Miami season 6. And these are just the shows that air on Mondays!

Traveler 23Aug07

This is not going to be one of those raving reviews of a tv show where after 4 weeks the show gets cancelled and the viewers get stuck with nothing. At least this show already has 6 shows under the belt and I don’t think it will get cancelled, like ‘Drive’ did.

Traveler is a hot new TV Show from ABC, if you are a fan of Prison Break, you will like this one too. The plot goes something like this: Two graduate students are framed for a terrorist attack in New York (by a third student, the roommate they believed was their friend) and must fight to prove their innocence while fleeing the federal agents who pursue them.

The first episode had so much suspense, it kept me glued to my chair. After three episodes I had a ‘24’ feeling. You know, where the episode ends and you go crazy because you want to see all remaining episodes immediately (although lately I kind of lost that feeling with 24).

The reason I like it so much is because it is believable, the action is fast and it has a thriller feel to it. Although I must admit thinking how can this show survive more then two or three seasons. Just like with prison break you can only run for so long.

Suspenseful and adrenaline filled, I will be certain to watch this entire first season. Maybe a show primed to make a really successful summer run.

Remember I told you about ‘Drive’? It looks like the 2 remaining episodes are going to be broadcasted, according to this article...

update …

Looks like Veronica is going to air Traveler starting september 3rd. So far only 8 episodes were made. The show isn’t offically cancelled; it just hasn’t been renewed. Which really isn’t fair since the show was hardly promoted and given a terrible time slot on ABC. If you want to try to save Traveler there is a petition at this website. Still worth watching, I say!