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The Daily Slurp 4Jan08

Want to be inspired by color? Search a database of sites by color, from the guy behind Design Meltdown.

Funeral for Internet Explorer 6 19Sep07

Blowing off steam on a topic near and dear to the heart of most web developers. Most funny movie I've seen in a while...

Scrollovers 14Aug07

A New Way of Linking. Everyone is familiar with hover-effects. This CSS+JavaScript-based techniques creates a scroll effect.

Webdesign Color Inspiration 10Jul07

Color Inspiration from the Masters of Painting. Such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 runs perfectly on the new Intel macs!

Rediscovering the Button Element 21May07

Buttons created with the BUTTON element function just like buttons created with the INPUT element, but they offer richer rendering possibilities. Very cool, I had no idea.

Charging for email marketing 26Feb07

David from Campaign Monitor explains there are a number of points where you, as a webdesigner, have the opportunity to charge for your services.

Free Flag Icons 5Feb07

247 icons representing most countries in the world as small pixel icons. These flag icons are available for free use.

Smashing Magazine Tutorial Roundup 26Jan07

A staggering list of 200 links to tutorials on Ajax, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP and more. This will keep you busy this weekend!

PunchyTime 23Jan07

PunchyTime is a simple online time tracking tool for creatives. Something like Basecamp but instead of projects you manage time...

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design 3Jan07

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design according to the self proclaimed master of usability Jacob Nielsen. Still worth reading though!