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The Downfall of HD-DVD 16Jan08

The next generation of DVD's looks like it will be Blue-Ray, right ?!? (Jim Gianopulos, Fox CEO).

Scientists find most Earthlike planet 25Apr07

An Earthlike planet spotted outside our solar system is the first found that could support liquid water and harbor life.

Did NASA accidentally nuke Jupiter? 10Apr07

On September 21, 2003 NASA deliberately directed its amazing, still-functioning Galileo spacecraft to make one final, 108,000 mph suicidal plunge into Jupiterís vast atmosphere...

Hillary for President 22Jan07

Notice how the 'Clinton' name is carefully left out on signage in favour of just 'Hillary'.

Disneyland Resort Paris bestaat 15jaar!

Saddam 1937-2006 3Jan07

Bel ik gisteren Saddam op. Wat denk je? Opgehangen!