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Jason Statham returns in T3 26Feb08

I like Jason Statham, especially in the Transporter. You should also see him in the movie Crank, that one I recommend too.

Quantum of Solace 24Jan08

The newest upcoming Bond movie, the 22nd film in the franchise, has officially been titled Quantum of Solace. It will arrive in theaters on November 7th.

New Star Trek movie 1Aug07

Heroes star Zachary Quinto (Gabriel Gray a.k.a. Sylar) will be playing Spock! Leonard Nimoy is confirmed to play an old Spock in the new film. The 11th Star Trek movie will be released on Christmas day 2008.

Sicko 10Jul07

Michael Moore's new movie on Google!

Adobe Creative Suite 3 runs perfectly on the new Intel macs!

Die Hard IV first 8 minutes 25Jun07

The first 8 minutes of the new Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard, are online at Yahoo! Justin Long is in it (Mac from the pc vs mac commercials).

Pirates of Silicon Valley 3Jun07

The film documents the rise of the personal computer through the rivalry between Apple (Steve Jobs) and Microsoft (Bill Gates).

Live Free or Die Hard 27Apr07

The fourth Die Hard movie starring Bruce Willis. The second Quicktime trailer is now available, jippy kayjee ...

The Order of the Phoenix 25Apr07

The new Harry Potter movie, premieres July 13th worldwide, has a theatrical trailer. See the intense special effects in Glorious HD QuickTime!

Indiana Jones IV May 22nd 16Mar07

Indy Rides Again in May 2008. The worldwide release date for Indy IV is May 22nd, on my 36th birthday to be exact!

The Man with the hat is back! 23Jan07

Indiana Jones IV starring Harrison Ford to start production in 2007.

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Silence of the Lambs part IV trailer 13Jan07

'Hannibal Rising' trailer at Yahoo. Featuring a young Hannibal Lecter. Movie Release Date: February 9th.

10 kick ass opening credit sequences 3Jan07

10 of the best opening credit sequences you can find in film. With accompanying YouTube videos.