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Mark Lives In IKEA 10Jan08

Mark moved in January 7th to the IKEA in Paramus, New Jersey and will stay for the week through Saturday January 12th. Every day people can watch a video of his day.

Goeiemoogle 19Dec07

Hype in the Netherlands, The Goeiemoggel commercial. Now there is a site that translates normal words into Goeiemoggel slang. Check out this news site...

Pac-Man’s skeleton 23May07

Ever wonder what Pac-Manís skeleton would look like?

Mr T Snickers commercial 30Apr07

Don't be a sissy, get some nuts... View the commercial, download some wallpapers and ringtones.

Going Fast. The new MacBook family.

← April Fools 1Apr07

More April fools jokes here...

Borat - the Tshirt 16Mar07

Seen the movie? Now wear the shirt.

Coke Machine Jackpot Magic 5Mar07

This video is intended for educational purposes only! Yeah, right!

Floppy Disk Journals 27Feb07

Finally, Floppies are useful again!

Rubik’s Cube for the lazy person 19Feb07

Rubik's Cube for the lazy person, in six different colors.

Bacon Strips Bandages 11Feb07

Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of a Bacon Strip bandage. They also have egg, pirate or steak bandages.

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How to install Windows Vista 6Feb07

Video instructions...

First iPhone commercial 13Jan07

Great comedy from Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

iPhone Countdown 11Jan07

While you wait until June try to print, cutout & assemble the iPhone paper model.


Consider yourself a pianist but fancy playing something else instead of boring black & white keys? Try this...