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Goeiemoogle 19Dec07

Hype in the Netherlands, The Goeiemoggel commercial. Now there is a site that translates normal words into Goeiemoggel slang. Check out this news site...

Machine Girl Trailer 8Dec07

Warning!!! not for the faint of heart.
This must be one of the sickest trailers after Saw, although after watching it is almost funny. Looks like a Grindhouse trailer from Tarantino but it's not.

Casio Disc Title Printer 1Dec07

This puppy labels CDs and DVDs in a 200 dpi resolution. Also, the printer connects directly to computers via USB cable. Watch the video demo, looks very neat.

Funeral for Internet Explorer 6 19Sep07

Blowing off steam on a topic near and dear to the heart of most web developers. Most funny movie I've seen in a while...

Disneyland Resort Paris bestaat 15jaar!

Prison Break Season 3 Preview 22Aug07

Season premiere on Monday September 17. In the meantime enjoy the Prison Break Season 3 trailer.

Scrollovers 14Aug07

A New Way of Linking. Everyone is familiar with hover-effects. This CSS+JavaScript-based techniques creates a scroll effect.

New iMac Commercial 8Aug07

Just three words in the whole ad: 'The new iMac'.

Download Everything 2Aug07

30 Firefox Add-ons For Downloading Images, Videos & Files.

New Star Trek movie 1Aug07

Heroes star Zachary Quinto (Gabriel Gray a.k.a. Sylar) will be playing Spock! Leonard Nimoy is confirmed to play an old Spock in the new film. The 11th Star Trek movie will be released on Christmas day 2008.

14 year old paparazzi 15Jul07

The little man is 14 years old for crying out loud. He even has an iPhone.

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Google Advertising In Video 11Jul07

Google's new way of advertising in YouTube videos.

Business Card design ideas 10Jul07

Collection of creative Business Card design ideas.

Webdesign Color Inspiration 10Jul07

Color Inspiration from the Masters of Painting. Such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci.

Sicko 10Jul07

Michael Moore's new movie on Google!

Wayne Rooney Nike Ad 5Jul07

You try to put the ball where you want it...

Bejeweled Clone for iPhone 5Jul07

Irritatingly and very fun iPhone game. Very impressive port to play on your iPhone or browser.