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iPhone coffee table 5Dec08

3 iLounge readers have created an iPhone coffee table out of corrugated cardboard. Also features removable, usable coasters built-in.

Zune paint 21Nov08

Spray paint redefined, unofficial 'asskicking' viral ad for Zune.

Air Traffic around the World 20Oct08

This video shows the aircraft movements of the world.

Again and Again 22May08

Apple Mac Music Video. A clever OS X-themed music video.

Going Fast. The new MacBook family.

Logo Design Trends 2008 14Mar08

Logos ... everyone loves them. Read about the different types of logo designs and discover what the future holds for logo's.

Jason Statham returns in T3 26Feb08

I like Jason Statham, especially in the Transporter. You should also see him in the movie Crank, that one I recommend too.

Super Mario Bros 2 Drum video 27Jan08

Excellent drum medley of the "Super Mario Bros 2" theme by Andrea Vadrucci.

The Internet in 1996 27Jan08

12 years ago the internet looked like this...

Quantum of Solace 24Jan08

The newest upcoming Bond movie, the 22nd film in the franchise, has officially been titled Quantum of Solace. It will arrive in theaters on November 7th.

2008 Keynote in 60 Seconds 18Jan08

Don't have enough time to watch the whole keynote from the other day? Watch the Apple 2008 Keynote by Steve Jobs in 60 seconds.

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The Downfall of HD-DVD 16Jan08

The next generation of DVD's looks like it will be Blue-Ray, right ?!? (Jim Gianopulos, Fox CEO).

LogoLounge 2007 logo trends 14Jan08

The evolution of design and trends from 2007, by LogoLounge.

Mark Lives In IKEA 10Jan08

Mark moved in January 7th to the IKEA in Paramus, New Jersey and will stay for the week through Saturday January 12th. Every day people can watch a video of his day.

Funny new iPhone features 5Jan08

Some new (hiden) iPhone features.. I don't know how the guy did that but it looks quite cool.

Redcoon 4Jan08

Hot priced electronics... Very cheap!

The Daily Slurp 4Jan08

Want to be inspired by color? Search a database of sites by color, from the guy behind Design Meltdown.